Buyers Agent Services
Purchasing your next Home

Purchasing property is an Investment in the future.

Whether you are ready to purchase now, or looking 'down the track', RealGen is available to assist with the search for your next home.

At RealGen, we see a need for an easier way for Buyers to find the 'right' property. With so many property listings, and an ever-growing list of Real Estate websites; the search for property can be overwhelming.

Buyers Agent services are available, at no cost to you; RealGen is available to assist in locating a home to suit your individual preferences.

RealGen will work in conjunction with other Real Estate Agencies to locate a property which best suit your needs.

A complimentary Purchaser preference Check-list is available to assist in prioritising your wants and needs.

Complete a RealGen purchaser preference check-list; return the form to RealGen, and when you are ready to purchase; we will assist in locating a property to match your preferences in the area/Suburb of choice.

Please don't hesitate to contact RealGen for further information.

Below, you will find the complimentary Purchaser preference checklist...